Renting a Coffee Machine in the UK Made Easy

Delivering authentic artisan coffee shop experiences has become essential for UK F&B operators in 2017. This is because Brits themselves have become huge proponents of American and European cafe culture. Hence why 2010 saw the UK host its very first World Barista Championship. Did you know, however, that providing barista quality coffee can also be hugely profitable?

With average profits per cup currently standing at around 70%, serving barista quality coffee can be hugely beneficial for bar and restaurant bottom lines. There is only one problem. Namely, despite 55 million cups of coffee being prepared and served in the UK each day, professional barista equipment can still stand to cost F&B operators themselves £1,000’s in terms of upfront investment.

Thankfully, things don’t have to be this way. This is because, at Rocco Espresso, we can help businesses rent rather than buy coffee machines from big brands such as La Spaziale, Expobar, and Melitta.

Commercial Coffee Machines

For UK F&B operators looking to rent a coffee machine rather than purchase a unit, we offer custom contract lengths which allow you to benefit from all the profitability of a piece of in-house barista equipment. – All that you don’t have to worry about are steep upfront procurement costs.

Offering fantastic low weekly and monthly rental rates, we make available only the highest quality coffee machines, many of which include ongoing equipment servicing and maintenance.

Traditional Coffee Machines

When choosing between different models of coffee machines to rent, F&B operators need to think carefully about the in-store ambiance which they are looking to cultivate. Cafe’s and bars, for example, will always benefit more from having a traditional La Spaziale, espresso machine (or similar) on their service counter, than they will an automatic bean to cup coffee maker from the likes of Krea or Melitta.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

A bean to cup coffee machine is a fantastic way to increase the profitability of any kind of hotel, office, or cafeteria self-service counter.

All about helping you save time whilst not compromising on quality or exceptional coffee flavor, we allow you to rent fully automated coffee machine models which help reduce queue sizes, whilst simultaneously serving up hundreds of cups of coffee per hour.

Rent a Coffee Machine

When looking to rent a coffee machine, it’s important to know how to choose a model which can cater for your specific business needs.

Thankfully, at Rocco Espresso, we can help make choosing a coffee machine for rent altogether easy. This is because we already provide coffee machine rentals to hundreds of UK businesses. Moreover, we are always more than happy to help advise new clients in regard to which models will likely be the most suitable for their specific F&B operation.

Lease a Coffee Machine

Coffee machines to rent provide businesses with already stretched asset procurement budgets with the means to finally expand the range of specialty beverages which they offer their customers. Much more importantly, our own leasing terms are designed to accommodate all kinds of budgets and basic functionality requirements.

With Rocco Espresso, you can lease a coffee machine and pay either monthly or quarterly. Even better, our coffee machines to rent can be exchanged and upgraded easily. This means that even if you are only part way through a leasing period, you can still upgrade or exchange a machine in order to always benefit from having the most state-of-the-art barista equipment at your disposal.

Buy a Coffee Machine from Rocco Espresso

Coffee machines to rent are a fantastic way to offset new asset procurement costs whilst still meeting the needs of your day to day customers. Nothing, however, beats having your very own coffee machine, one which as well as claiming capital allowances back from, you can use to maximize your in-store profits to the fullest extent possible.

Of course, buying a coffee machine outright will mean that you are liable for all repair and maintenance costs should something go wrong. The good news, however, is that at Rocco Espresso, we can be called upon to assist with regular product servicing and maintenance in order to help you really make the most out of your new purchase.

Popular Machines

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