We can offer you several methods of funding your coffee machine and would take pleasure in advising, and giving you the best options for your business requirements.

We like to start from the sales end. The sales your machine makes, and therefore the income expected should determine the budget for your new machine.

It is against this information that you should compare (with a healthy safety margin) your expenditure. This way you can be confident in knowing that you’re not overstretching yourself.

Let’s Talk! We Can Offer You The Benefit of Our Experience

We offer a range of funding options, but firstly we’d like to know a bit about your business and your intentions.

See if this helps…

The first principle is simple – Establish a business case for your coffee machine. If you can make it work successfully, of course, you’ll have one – but establish your business case first, and foremost.

We can help with this.

Usually (but not always) we have trade-in machines coming back to us as our customers grow their businesses and move up to the next level, and every so often our demonstrators need to be replaced. These machines enter a multi-stage process of rejuvenation, inside and out, but internally they’re returned to factory fresh. Every gasket, pump, pressure-valve, seal and otherwise wearable component is replaced, then they’re fully recalibrated and programmed to suit their new user’s needs. (They come with a full 12 month’s parts and labour warranty, just as they do from the factory.)

You could have one for a three-month trial period. There’s no better way to prove your business case.

What Are The Costs?

Installation: £100 + 3 x £100 Monthly rentals. Total: £400 over the three month period.

But then we give you enough stock, and then some, to recoup your £400. You would be in profit.

How much profit, and how much further stock you use, will accurately predict whether leasing is the way forward for you, or not.

If you’re thinking about leasing a bean to cup coffee machine in Scotland, contact us, and tell us a bit about your thoughts and needs – we’ll be delighted to help if we can.


First of all, let’s be clear what we mean by traditional coffee machines. There are countless coffee machine variations, but a traditional coffee machine is the classic espresso machine used by baristas in cafes and restaurants all around the world. They work by passing hot water through compacted coffee grounds which then goes through a filter. An espresso machine is manual, meaning that someone has to put the beans through the grinder and press them into the portafilter with the right amount of pressure before pressing the button that runs the water through the coffee.

  • A large variety of coffee – Our coffee machines dispense a wide variety of coffees, including the following: lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, macchiatos, mochas, and the classic white or black options. Our machines offer a huge selection of coffee so that your customers have a lot to choose from.
  • Quick to make – Our coffee machines dispense each beverage extremely quickly. Our machines make bean-to-cup, barista-style coffee in around 30 seconds – oh, and hot chocolate as well!
  • Low maintenance – Our coffee machines require very minimal maintenance, and topping up your ingredients takes only a matter of seconds.
  • Modern aesthetic – Our coffee machines look great wherever they are in your establishment. They have a modern, Italian design, that will add a little class to your kitchen or bar.
  • Coin-operated options – Most of our coffee machines have the option of adding a coin-operated unit. Whether you choose to make a profit from your coffee, or just cover your costs, it’s completely up to you.
  • Water supply options – Our coffee machines come in two main varieties: plumbed-in, or refillable tank-fed. If you’re unsure about which kind would best suit your office, get in touch with the friendly folk here at Rocco Espresso and we’ll come in and offer some free advice.

Not sure what type of machine you need? Or even what the differences are between a Bean-to-Cup vs a traditional coffee machine? We have compiled a helpful Bean-to-Cup vs Traditional Coffee Machine guide to give you more insight into the workings of both.

Rocco Espresso offers a range of bean-to-cup coffee machines to suit a variety of requirements. Our range of fully automatic coffee machines are diverse and can be tailored to each unique business’s needs – they can even dispense cups and be coin-operated if that’s what you require. We also have a range of portable machines which are tank filled – which means that you don’t need a plumbed-in water connection to brew beautiful coffee.


Today, coffee is much more than just a refreshment; it’s an obsession. If you want proof of this, walk through the centre of any UK city and you’ll see dozens upon dozens of coffee shops. This coffee craze has even found its way into our offices. Your office’s visitors, workforce, and management all understand the difference between real coffeeand what comes from a jar. Investing a little extra in a coffee machine can boost office morale and impress clients when they visit your office. Tastes in the UK, and Scotland of English, in particular, have become much more refined in recent years; not only do we now know what really good coffee tastes like, we also expect to be served good coffee wherever we go.

Hotels, bars, clubs, and restaurants are starting to see the profit potential in selling real coffee from high-quality coffee machines. And the best part is that getting hold of your own coffee machine couldn’t be easier, as we do all of the hard work for you. Working our coffee machines is just as simple: our one-touch machines are a joy to work with, letting you spend more time and energy on taking care of your diners and guests.

You can test out our range of tank-filled demonstration coffee machines (filled from a normal water tap). We would be delighted to drop one off for a few days, along with some free ingredients, for the benefit of your customers and staff. So please get in touch if you’d like to test out one of our coffee machines and our incredible coffee! Our main coffee machine range includes the Bean to Cup: K1K2K3 and K4, (click on the links to learn more about each coffee machine).


If you can’t find an answer to your question, contact us below. We’ll be more than happy to help.