How to Tell if Your Coffee is of Good Quality


What makes a cup of coffee good? Well, this depends very much on personal tastes and preferences because we all have our way of enjoying coffee and we tend to like some coffee assortments more than others. Still, there are some basic aspects that are worth knowing by any coffee enthusiast, as they may help you pick the ideal coffee.

The first thing to know about high-quality coffee is that the altitude where the coffee plant grows influences in a great deal its flavour. The higher the altitude will be, the denser the bean will get, and the more intense its flavour will become. This is due to the fact that the quantity of oxygen is lower at high altitudes, making the plant and beans develop slower and store more flavour. The most popular coffee beans that grow at high altitude are the Arabica beans, famous for their concentrated flavour.

So, high-quality beans will indeed influence the quality of the coffee you are drinking. The freshness of the roasted beans also plays an important role. Ideally, you should use beans that have been roasted between 10 to 30 days prior to using them to making coffee. If possible, in order to capture the perfect flavour of your coffee best, the best way to go would be to grind the roasted coffee beans right before preparing coffee. Thus, a coffee machine that has an embedded coffee grinder will definitely provide exceptional coffee.

Believe it or not, the quality of coffee is also influenced by the quality of the water used in the brewing process. If the water has an awkward composition or tastes funny, your cup of coffee will be affected by these factors. So make sure to use quality water when making coffee, as pure and as clean as possible, if you want to enjoy outstanding coffee.

Last, but not least, the coffee making process has something to say as well. If you use a coffee making machine that uses all the right parameters to extract the best of the coffee beans, the coffee you will drink will be exceptional.

But what happens if you only have a few of the previously mentioned conditions and not all of them? Well, the obtained coffee will be good, but not great. If possible, do your best to get high-quality coffee beans that were roasted not so long ago, because these are the most important aspects to have in mind for making good coffee.

How much should the coffee beans be roasted? Well, this depends on how intense you like the flavour in your coffee cup to be. Light to medium roasts will give you a softer flavour, while dark roasts and even burnt roasts will provide a stronger flavour.

As mentioned before, many aspects concerning coffee consumption are closely related to how each of us wishes to enjoy coffee and how the ideal coffee cup looks like. The previous guidelines are universal for every coffee enthusiast to get good quality coffee, the rest being just personal twitches added to this beverage.

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