The K2 provides full-bodied espressos at the perfect extraction temperature, creating delicious mixed beverages (like frothy cappuccinos).

The K2 comes with added height and an extra canister, making space for your whitener and coffee beans.

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Communal Dining Areas

Self-Service Restaurant Counters


Rocco Espresso will ensure your equipment consistently operates efficiently and is always kept up to date, so you can keep your staff satisfied with freshly ground coffee, tea, or delicious hot chocolate, every day.
  • Best coffee machines
  • Great selection of other drinks
  • Freshly roasted coffee
  • Easy online ordering
  • Finance options inc. lease & rental
  • Next-day delivery on consumables
  • Onsite maintenance & cleaning
  • Corporate social responsibility


  • Added photographic panel.
  • Blue LED lights on both sides of the dispense head.
  • Stainless steel lid on dispense head.

Authentic Espresso:

  • Elegant coffee taste with optimal extraction.
  • Patented coffee group Z3000 brewer with compact grinder and doser.
  • Increased capacity for coffee beans in a larger hopper.

Deployment Areas:

It’s ideal for locations requiring up to 150 drinks daily and the larger waste compartments mean less emptying and more time for drinking coffee! Such areas can include (but are no means limited to):

  • Hotels
  • Communities
  • Self-service locations


  • Height 715 mm
  • Width 331 mm
  • Depth 528 mm
  • Depth open 724 mm
  • Weight Approx. 33 kg
  • Voltage 220/240 V
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Beans capacity 950 gr
  • Soluble canister 1.8 kg chocolate

Hourly drink output:

  • Up to 80 espresso

At Rocco Espresso, we are redefining the self-service coffee experience. by pairing the most robust and state-of-the-art dispensing technology with the world’s finest coffee bean varieties. This is why with every new Bean To Cup installation, we also offer:

  1. First 1000 Drinks Free
  2. 1 x Box of 300 Caramelised Biscuits Free
  3. Coffee Tasting Session in Our City Centre Showroom
  4. Free Installation & Delivery
  5. First 250 Takeaway Cups / Lids Free
  6. Free Monthly On-site Hygiene Visit
  7. Machines Available For Lease, Rent or Purchase With No Separate Maintenance Contracts
  8. Coffee Roasted Every 4 Weeks to Ensure Maximum Freshness
  9. Next Day Delivery Available For Coffee & Ingredients
  10. Free Base Cabinet & Water Pump Kit if Required
  11. 7-Day On Hand Technical Telephone Support.

Where should we start when choosing our new coffee machine?

Get in touch and arrange your free on-site visit where we’ll look at your requirements, make suggestions and walk you through the process step by step. When we leave you’ll have the best ideas, recommendations and pricing options tailor-made for your offices. We’ll also help you plan from the beginning if fresh coffee is new to your office.

Do I have to buy our coffee machine outright?

You can, but very few of our customers do. We offer lease, and rental options, and all-inclusive packages, which are adopted by over 80% of our customers.

Do I need a mains water supply?

It’s certainly preferable, but all of our machines can operate from pump-fed bottled water giving complete flexibility of location.

Is aftercare included?

As long as you are a paying customer of ours and continue to buy your ingredients from us your coffee machine is under our full guarantee. Simples. If there’s a problem, we fix it at no cost to you. It’s an all-inclusive service and offers you complete peace of mind. This includes regular servicing, all call- outs and all parts. You will never have a service or repair bill to pay.


Find a better coffee solution from a competitor, and we will give
you 2,500 free coffees, even if you go elsewhere!

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

Rocco takes care of your coffee machine and supplies whilst you take care of your customer and business.


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