Customer Type: Office
Machine(s): K3 Bean to CupG-10 Tall Compact Espresso Machine
Coffee Beans: Superiore

Skyscanner initially approached us as they had been ill-advised about the practicality of fresh milk bean to cup coffee machines in an office environment. The machines were proving extremely difficult to keep clean and maintain. Breakdowns were a weekly occurrence and were costly and time consuming for everyone concerned.

The Rocco Solution

Given the trouble & expense (in engineers visits from the original supplier) the machines caused in their first year of service, and that they had been purchased rather than leased, we took the steps to convert the equipment from using fresh milk machines to freeze dried skimmed milk.

A much better solution for the office environment and one we knew would fit the requirement perfectly. This allowed the business to use the machines for a while longer before they upgraded to equipment supplied by Rocco in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. The replacement machines were leased and as such gave the customer peace of mind with options to upgrade should their requirements and demands change.

Rocco takes care of your coffee machine and supplies whilst you take care of your customer and business.

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