We Ask Gino: What is a Flat White?

Hi Gino,

There’s a lot of debate going around online and also on TV regarding “What is a flat white coffee?

So, Gino, What is a Flat White?

“The million dollar question . . .

The Flat White continues to be the worlds most disputed coffee. (It is now making up approximately 10% of UK coffee sales too). Generally, no two places make a flat white the same. Should there be foam? Should there be none? Should the espresso be topped up with hot water before adding hot milk? Eh no… yuk!

McDonalds has recently launched their take on a flat white in a recent advertising campaign claiming it’s a double shot latte with foamed milk on top. Let’s face it, people go to their favourite coffee shop because they happen to like the way the cappuccinos taste or because the lattes taste better there than in other places. Flat white is no different I suppose. If you like McDonalds flat white then go there but that’s not the way we would make it here. Graduates from our Rocco barista course are encouraged to construct their flat whitesin a 10Oz cup from a double shot espresso topped with steamed milk that we have avoided foaming completely! Delicious and rich with a silky smooth texture enhanced with the perfect ratio of coffee to milk.”

Gino kindly made this video to show us how to make a flat white. Thanks, Gino!