Melitta® Cafina® ALPHA

Cafina® has created a real modernization that can be unified with the ALPHA “Light-Trend”. A couple of milk variations can be stored simultaneously for use with coffee speciality production (e.g. homogenised and skim milk).

Milk-Jet – the new Cafina® ALPHA milk system creates the perfect foam, as well as hot milk. For coffee-aesthetics, the wide, clear coffee bean cylinder has an extra inlet for decaffeinated coffee powder. The optimal performance grinder has room for up to two bean selections. These blades develop a thin grain system for over 150,000 cups. The grinders adjust themselves, and the aroma is preserved as a result of the minimal grinding time.

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Cafina® Coffee Machine


  • Hotels
  • Communities
  • Self-service locations
  • Available with a singular grinder.
  • 12M-1G 400 V / 230 V.
  • Power consumption/electrical connection: 400 V / 6,8 KW.
  • Dimensions: 500mm/625mm/700mm (w/d/h).

Hourly cups/output (depending on volume and product of each drink):

Coffee CrèmeEspressoCappuccinoHot water (l / hour)
20025020040 / 30
  • Simple handling with graphic display.
  • Adjustable outlet height (from 75 to 175 mm).
  • Milk-Jet produces “steamed foam”.
  • Clear coffee bean cylinder.
  • Low-fat friendly for those watching their weight.
  • Can make more than just coffee.

  1. First 1000 Drinks Free
  2. 1 x Box of 300 Caramelised Biscuits Free
  3. Coffee Tasting Session in Our City Centre Showroom
  4. Free Installation & Delivery
  5. First 250 Takeaway Cups / Lids Free
  6. Free Monthly On-site Hygiene Visit
  7. Machines Available For Lease, Rent or Purchase With No Separate Maintenance Contracts
  8. Coffee Roasted Every 4 Weeks to Ensure Maximum Freshness
  9. Next Day Delivery Available For Coffee & Ingredients
  10. Free Base Cabinet & Water Pump Kit if Required
  11. 7-Day On Hand Technical Telephone Support.

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